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Little guidelines how to treat scented Roses

Scented garden and David Austin roses are not a normal cut flower!

...they are awesome, but you must know and understand …they are the most difficult roses!

They are very sensitive and need a bit of love once arrived, means a cut – bevelled and lots of water as well as a cool condition between 4-8 degree, sometimes also to remove some of the stressed outside petals.

Very important to know for the watering

  1. Don’t unpack them for watering
  2. Cut them about 2 inches and leave them in water WITHOUT moving them any time out of water for at least 8 hours, to avoid causing a vacuum in the stem which causes unrepairable damages
  3. Keep them cool between 4-8 degrees

To show their real beauty they also NEED a couple of days to open, so please consider if you order, you shall keep in mind having them about 2-3 days before using them!

To help you with the right decision here information about some of the sorts

Peony pink, Yves Piaget and David Austin Patience – very popular, but pleases consider also very fragile in case they arrive with soft petals, get them strong again after a cut and lots of water, peony pink looks like a real Peony and outstanding by its irresistible fragrance

Café Latte, David Austin Juliet and Romantic Antike, Princess Charlene – absolutely gorgeous, strong petals, nice fragrance and so much stable and long lasting in Vase, even looking however normal after days in vase, Princess Charlene wonderful fragrance and beautiful shape,

Café Latte, great soft colour and Romantik Antike, biggest positive surprise ever – wonderful strong rose

Prince Jardinier – nice fragrance and strong petals, but not as long lasting as others, after 4- 5 days in vase first petals fall out

David Austin’s Edith, Miranda, Kate, good condition, nice fragrance and long lasting, about 6 days vase time

Scented spray roses, wonderful but so much underestimated, Pavlova, long lasting, strong little heads, looking gorgeous for vintage style, or English Miss, nice fragrance for blush arrangements or add on to romantic bridal bouquets… Hope this will help you to make the best decision for your event and we will keep you updated on more tests asap!